The Mynde Park Estate sits majestically in South Herefordshire

Mynde Park is one of the finest but least known of Herefordshire’s stately homes, and its Great Hall ( The Kings Hall ) boasts one of the finest rooms in this part of England. Its relative obscurity is due in part to its isolated position in the hills fo the south-western part of the country, and in part to the fact that it has always been a private residence. The space and privacy, with lack of blights and noise conspire to provide the ideal location for all the best of film and photography projects.

The Estate

Mynde Park sits at the heart of the Estate itself, with its old kitchen garden walls, formal gardens and lawns. The Park is enclosed by an almost continuous wall, originally a deer park, with the deer now free to pass through owing to the decaying of the walls over time. Estate cottages and farm buildings nestle amongst the 1200 acres of woodland, pasture and arable land; within which streams run through, broken by lakes and pools and a formal waterfall.
Mynde Park Estate film location period drama countryside backdrop Manor House

The perfect location

The Mynde Park Estate lies approximately 6 miles to the south of the city and county town of Hereford, and 1 1/2 miles south-west of the small village of Much Dewchurch. It is set in the northern slopes of the range of hills crossing southern Herefordshire, here known as Saddlebow and Orcop Hill, they rise to well over the 250m mark.